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Creating Treklandtrip logo

The Treklandtrip logo is based from logo of Trekland s.r.o. The Treklandtrip features adventure, outdoor trips associated with tourist equipment testing. As a benefit I created a slogan: 

SAY YES to new experience!

Creation of corporate, promotional materials and web

After logo creating, we continued to collaborate on other corporate materials (www.treklantrip.sk) and promotional materials, such as business cards, web banners for various events, or a year-round rollup calendar.


Logo and corporate materials

Creation of logo, business cards and other necessary corporate materials for new patisserie called Lulu dobroty (Lulu goodness)


Logo and visual: Kam na Orave? (Where in Orava?)

Project aimed at supporting local tourism, tourism, businesses and various events within Orava region in cooperation with dizajnpro.sk

Promotional materials

For the successful launch of the project was followed by the creation of promotional materials, FB fanpage and graphic design of the web.


Logo and promo Treklantrip WILD

In cooperation with Trekland was created another interesting project,  called Treklandtrip WILD. It was a completely new project focused on wildlife movement and survival. 

The logo was based on the previous Treklandtrip logo.

Promotional materials

As a promoter of the project, I created a rollup of the short film premieres, the profiles of the participants, the subpage and the banners on the website treklandtrip.sk


Logo and all graphic materials for the Treset outdoor festival

Logo creation for the first active Treset outdoor festival. The name of the festival as well as the logo is derived from the name of Trekland outdoor equipment.

Evolution of Logo

TRE - trekland                   RESET - restart 

Mountain (Kriváň) in the background symbolizes the Slovak landscape - land, the first letter T is taken over and transformed from the Trekland logo.

Promotion materials

For the Treset outdoor festival, I provided graphic support for all the promotional materials like web banners, citylights, billboards, flyers, posters, cup prints, t-shirts, tickets as well as book for sponsors and newsletters.


Creating a 4squat name, logo, and promotional material

The name for the collapsible, portable training aid was derived from 4 main folding parts of the machine and 4 cylinders, also from the word squat. The machine served primarily on a special type of squat. Number 4( four like "for") squat-4squat.

Promotional materials

  • simple tutorial for composing
  • booklet with exercises

  • poster